1. What is the operation mode of the BOUTIQUE Sewing School?
BOUTIQUE sewing school is open from 10.00-18-00 admin.part, five days a week

2. What is the duration of classes?
Sewing school BOUTIQUE (adult) has classes in the morning, afternoon, evening. The duration of one lesson for adult groups is 3 hours or 180 minutes. Duration of one lesson for children’s groups -1.5 hours or 90 minutes

3. What do students get after finishing a course?
BOUTIQUE Sewing School has a high reputation and the BOUTIQUE Sewing School certificate is accepted with preference over others. You receive a certificate when listening to the full course. For those who have not attended the full course, a certificate is not issued or exams are required for the period of absence. We protect our reputation and are responsible for the quality and volume of knowledge of our graduates.

4. What is the level of training for teachers at the BOUTIQUE Sewing School?
All teachers are specialists with higher specialized education.

5.Where is BOUTIQUE Sewing School located?
Sewing school BOUTIQUE is located in the historical center of Kharkov. Station of the metro station Maidan of the Constitution or the metro station Historical Museum, Troitsky lane (formerly Ivan Dubovoy) 4/3

6.Do you have a BOUTIQUE sewing school?
Sewing school BOUTIQUE was created in September 1, 1994 on the basis of the enterprise “Sewing machines” specialized shop

7. What does the BOUTIQUE Sewing School have to do with the Sewing Machine monument?
This monument was created according to the sketches of the founders of the BOUTIQUE School of Sewing. It is still located at ul. Danilevsky 8

8. How many people attended the BOUTIQUE Sewing School?
BOUTIQUE Sewing School graduates had more than 10,000 students

9. What is the most requested course?
Training in sewing skills or tailoring always begins with its fundamentals of Designing clothes and Clothing technology.

10. How many training courses does the BOUTIQUE Sewing School offer?
The BOUTIQUE School of Sewing curriculum currently has over 20 courses in light industry profile

11. How much does the BOUTIQUE Sewing School training course cost?
The PR partners of the BOUTIQUE Sewing School constantly monitor the level of the cost of a school hour in the city and in Ukraine. At the moment, the price policy remains invariably the lowest. To make sure of this you need to calculate the proposed costs and compare them.

12. Do you recruit specialists at the BOUTIQUE Sewing School?
We are constantly open to new offers and are happy to accept interesting and responsible employees into our team.

13. Can you recommend your students to work?
We always have a “turn” of employers who want to get our students to work.

14. If I got sick and missed classes, what should I do?
If you missed for a good reason: illness, vacation, business trip, etc., which you can confirm, you can receive classes on these topics during classes of another group.

15. What things can I sew after the course?
If you are taking a full course of training at the BOUTIQUE Sewing School in Clothing Technology, then you can sew almost a complete wardrobe: from a light dress to outerwear. During the training, you sew all products in full size “for yourself.” And you begin to sew from the first lesson.

16. What kind of sewing materials does the BOUTIQUE school of sewing provide?
At the BOUTIQUE Sewing School, you can buy fabrics at “student prices”.

17. If I did not like the money, they will return me?
When you make a decision to go to a course, you make this decision consciously. You can ask a lot of questions, ask for a test lesson for free. When you signed up for a course and paid, you took a place in the group and someone was possibly denied. Therefore course fee is not refundable. Monthly payment. You can interrupt your studies and not pay for the following months