Drawing course in the children’s group “Sewing schools BOUTIQUE”

Our brain is a unique place in the human body, where an innumerable number of neural connections are concentrated, which are responsible for all the variety of functions in human life from birth to the transition to another state.

For us today, the body that is responsible for the perception of color, shape, proportion, lighting is important. These are our eyes.

The BOUTIQUE Sewing Schools children’s group is studying the basics of drawing today. When the question was asked about what colors they know as primary colors, white was named along with black, red, green, blue, yellow and even different in other colors. However, the degree of surprise was very high when the children found out what colors are part of the white and black colors.

Children’s spontaneity and sincerity of emotions, when they are surprised or learn new things, are worth the moral costs that are spent in the process of transferring educational material to the final recipient-child.

Based on the drawing, we studied color separation. Color composition and color combination. Further it will be a form and volume on a flat sheet. Perspective.

Mastering the work with color, pencil, plane, volume, we turn to those billions of nerve endings that fill our head. Turning to these neurons with a difficult creative task for children, we make their brain “wake up” and grow. And in children the number of nerve cells is much larger than in adults. They need to be used all, to give them creative impulses, tasks.

A drawing for a child’s head is the need for their progress in learning, development.

When the drawing is combined with sewing, this is already a double burden for the young brain. But thinking that the child is overloaded, you need to remember that the brain can accommodate the entire volume of the Internet and there will still be unused space. So it may not be loaded yet?

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